Currently accepting commissions for July 2022.
Robert is currently working from his studio/home in Baarn, The Netherlands. Working for clients located nationwide and internationally, Robert has built a large portfolio these past years ranging from family portraits to fanart portraits. 

Many hours go into each highly detailed drawing and only high end professional quality paper, pencils, and fixatives are used to ensure the portraits will last for years to come.
Every project is unique. Some drawings are technically relatively straightforward and others are highly complex and detailed. Each requires a different approach and therefore I decide the prices of my drawings very carefully.​

Below you can find a list with estimated prices. The final price may end up being higher or lower depending on the amount of details and amount of time needed to create the drawing. I will always tell you up front what the final price will be.
If you would like to place a custom order please contact me for a quote.

How it works

Photo reference and size. Once you decide which photo you would like to have as reference for your drawing, you can choose a size to fit your wishes and budget. The quality of the photo's is very important for the final outcome of the drawing. The better the quality of the photo, the better the result of the drawing will be. 

Details. Once the photo reference has been decided and the quality has been approved we can discuss specific wishes and details, such as the choice of materials, composition etc. 
Once all the details have been agreed on I can start the actual drawing. I always request a twenty percent downpayment before I start drawing. This is to cover the costs of the materials and partially cover time spent on the drawing. 

Review and approve. During the process  I keep in close contact and regularly provide updates  (including progress shots/video clips). Once the drawing is done I will email images of the portrait to review & approve. If everything is completely as wished for the portrait is ready to be shipped.


The Witcher graphite and gold metallic paint portrait (2020)

The below images have been selected as examples of previous drawings done for clients. They also include some recognisable portraits to demonstrate the accuracy of likeness you can expect.

Short clip of the Herman Brood portrait drawing I made last year.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions or if you would like more information. You can either fill in the contact form or email me directly at