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"Captivating. That’s the first word that came to mind when I was thinking of how to describe the work of Netherlands-based artist, Robert Lee Jordan. As an artist, I am always interested in how other artists think about their work and their process of creating art. I came across the art of Robert Lee Jordan while scrolling through posts on Instagram. I stopped as soon as I saw the portrait of Chris Cornell. It was full of dark contrasts and beautifully rendered details. It had a creative composition that incorporated both a facial close-up and a partial upper body view. These two images juxtaposed into one was very powerful. The two flowed together seamlessly and created a very vivid emotional quality to the photo that seemed to convey the very essence of Chris Cornell. Robert’s drawings are not only realistically drawn with an expert skill level, they convey a definitive emotion and contain bits and pieces of the subject’s soul in them. A person can’t help but be captivated and drawn-in when looking at one of his drawings. Thank you Robert, for allowing me to ask you a few questions about your art, the influence of music and your artistic process."

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